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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Okay, I admit it has been AGES since I have written anything here. I have almost four months of catching up to do with all my readers. I'll do the Reader's Digest version of each month and hopefully we'll be back in the loop..

February- I spent the first half of the month in Louisiana for the passing of maternal grandfather and his funeral. Please if you don't have anything in writing about what you'd like as far as end of life care, talk to some one and put it in writing. My grandparents were married for 58 years and had nothing in writing. To have to watch my mom, her sisters and my grandmother  make some very hard and heartbreaking decisions was an emotional strain I pray that I will not have to go through ever again.
 While I was in LA, two of children got very sick with the flu. In fact, Uriah, my DH, had to rush our youngest one to hospital with a very high fever. Thankfully, he pulled through.
 I went to my first Mardi Gras parade in Lafeyette. It was a family friendly one with lots of bands, beads and colorful floats. The next day I got to watch Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints win Super Bowl XLIV (44).
 I also celebrated my 37 birthday in LA with my mom's side of the family.

March - was very uneventful for us thankfully. The weather started warming up and I even brought some plants for the deck. I brought Curly Italian Parsley, Rosemary, Lavender, June Bearing Strawberries. Dill and Tarragon seeds. I started the tarragon and the birds ate the seedlings!! Oh was I mad. Good thing I brought an extra package of seeds. My other plants are doing great though.

April- Was another busy month for us. We had lots of appointments, schooling and other things to do.

May- has been busy also for us. I recently dislocted my ankle and am looking at a long stint in a brace until my ankle heals up.

So that is about it for us here...

Blessings to all my readers...


Book Review for The Busy Mom's Bible

I got this Bible way back in early February and was supposed to do a review for it before the end of March. However, somethings came up (more on those later) and I never did it. So below is my review...
  The Busy Mom's Bible (Zondervan Books) is a great Bible for any woman out there, not just Moms. The slim pink and fuschia design allows it to be slipped into a handbag or diaper bag for on the go reading of God's word. I really like that there are great one minute thought starters,and a word to reflect on.
 This would make a great gift for any woman, especially a new bride or graduate...

Sunrise Mountain

Sunrise Mountain
This is located where my husband grew up in New Jersey

Koenig's 3rd Birthday

Koenig's 3rd Birthday
We went to a local heavy equipment dealer for Koenig's 3rd birthday so he could see the bulldozers there
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