Okay, so I kinda slacked-SORRY YA'LL!!!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Okay, so I missed two days of writing. I am sorry but I am still recovering from a bout of walking pneumonia. I am feeling better but I am still kinda wheezy. I have a follow up Dr visit next Wednesday which is the earliest they could get me in. Ugh. 
I have been tossing ideas around for posts in my head and can't wait to share them with you all. I would like to do posts on autism-BTW Alexis Wineman, Miss Montana, Is Miss America Pageant's First Contestant With Autism!!! That's right folks this lovely young lady's platform in going to be autism and as the mom to an autistic child all I have to say is GO GIRL!
Another post I'd like to do is due to the horrific gang rape of the young lady in India and what we need to do to not only protect ourselves, our daughters, friends etc but also what to do if we are the victim of such a crime.
I'll also post recipes, menu plans, links to websites and maybe even a contest or two.


Sunrise Mountain

Sunrise Mountain
This is located where my husband grew up in New Jersey

Koenig's 3rd Birthday

Koenig's 3rd Birthday
We went to a local heavy equipment dealer for Koenig's 3rd birthday so he could see the bulldozers there
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